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Simpler event translation management, remote captioning/translation support and more spf.io updates

Mar 13, 2018 | Blog, News

In this quick update, we’re announcing new features that simplify translation management for documents and slides, enable you to request trained remote interpreters/operators when you need them, and improve real-time translation/caption quality.

Manage translations at a glance with the new playlist editor

Preparing/organizing documents and slides is challenging when you need to make materials available in many languages. Spf.io’s new playlist editor makes it easy. You can quickly see which parts of your program still need to be translated and which documents or slides need attention before they’re ready for your event. Your team can use the playlist editor to coordinate content creation and translation in one place.

Simpler translation management with the new spf.io playlist editor. You can see at a glance the translation status of your documents and slides.


Remote Operators enable you to provide translation consistently and reliably

Spf.io now supports “remote operators,” people who can work from home (or anywhere in the world with a solid internet connection) to provide real time captions and translations. We’ve added built-in operator chat so people on-site can easily coordinate with your remote team during the event.

Remote interpretation, remote captioning, remote everything…we’re trying to make this as convenient as possible 🙂

A screenshot of a chat window that remote operators use to communicate with on-site teams

Operator chat makes it easy for your on-site team to coordinate with remote operators

Screenshot of a "Request an Operator" link

Book a trained spf.io operator when you need one.

If you already have a trained team (staff or volunteer), they can now provide captions and translations of all of your events without having to travel

Don’t worry if a team member drops out because of a schedule conflict or emergency. Anytime you need trained help to run spf.io for your event, you can request a remote operator from the main menu and book a time.

This new capability also means your staff and volunteers can make money providing their services to others through the spf.io platform (outside of their work hours with you of course ;-)). To qualify for this, they need to get certified. Contact us to learn more.

New tools to improve real time translation quality

From our experience in the field and customer feedback, we’ve learned a few ways to increase the quality of automatic translation.

Many people don’t realize the difference correct punctuation, capitalization and grammar can make. Since live human speech usually doesn’t follow the rules of good writing, we’ve added several tools that make it easier for operators to turn raw speech input into something that is automatically translated well.

These experimental tools can be toggled on/off in the main captioner action bar. They are designed for use with English input at this time.

Segment: Automatically segment captioner output into separate utterances. (It will segment when the speaker pauses). 
Punctuate: Automatically add punctuation to utterances.
Expand key macros: Automatically add a new line when sentence ending punctuation is inserted.
Capitalize: Automatically capitalize the first line of each utterance.


We’d love to get your feedback as you try out these features!

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