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Dec 9, 2019 | Blog, News

December 9, 2019 – Now attendees of lectures, sermons, and other presentations can easily read slides in their native language from the convenience of their mobile device., a real-time translation software for live events, announced a new feature that lets presenters upload slides and automatically translate them into more than 60 languages on demand. Audience members can seamlessly follow along with the presentation and see the slides in the language of their choice.

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In the past, managing many versions of slides in multiple languages was such a headache that most events avoid it entirely and only provide interpretation of what is spoken on stage. Last minute changes and other complexities make it hard to create and distribute translated slides ahead of time, even though these materials are helpful for international audiences. Now with, presenters can provide translated slides to their audience in as little as 5 minutes before their talk.

The Benefits of Slide Translation

“This software really helps me connect to those students who struggle with English in my lectures, and helps them understand course concepts on a deeper level. They can still practice their English, and need it for their assignments, but having my presentations in their own language lowers their anxiety level and lets them focus on learning. I highly recommend to other faculty who have ESL learners in their classrooms,” said William Mari, former department chair of communication studies at Northwest University and now an Assistant Professor in Media Law at Louisiana State University.

Tiffany Borbon, a graduating MD-PhD student at the University of Iowa said, “When giving a research talk to mixed audiences of native and non-native English speakers I needed a way to convey my ideas in different languages. seamlessly translated my presentation slides in a way that was both accurate and visually appealing.”

Presenters and organizations can benefit from automatic slide translation (as well as captioning and speech translation) by signing up for today. Learn more at or our documentation.

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