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Jun 24, 2022 | Blog’s live captioning services include a combination of automatic captioning tools and remote human operators with captioning expertise.

Captioning services for online and in person events

Find the right captioning services for your in-person, online, and hybrid events with our all-in-one approach. We have you covered from start to finish, from speaker tools to subtitling and transcript creation and post-editing.

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A browser-based caption app seamlessly integrates with your platform of choice to get Zoom captions, YouTube subtitles, Vimeo live subtitling, and more. Our captioning services use an interface that travels easily with you wherever you go. By using the same captioner for your in-person and online events, create the kind of quality content your viewers expect from your brand.

Realtime captioner tools with options for in-house staffing

Choose to hire a remote operator for accurate captions monitored by a human professional during your event. Alternatively, if you are on a budget, you can train your own staff to run the AI-powered live captions in house. We recommend using a remote operator if you want a more hands-off approach, or if the presenters at your event speak in a variety of accents.

Live subtitling for rush captioning jobs

Some of our clients hire us for emergency captioning to fulfill accessibility and multilingual access requirements, especially when previously hired captioning services back out at the last minute due to event complications. At, we are constantly improving our tools to provide more efficient and accurate subtitling services for our clients. As experts in captioning and multilingual event organization, we offer consulting to help clients plan complex translation setups.

Since our tools make use of AI-powered speech to text technology, we can train our captioner to work with your specific use case, whether you have speakers with accents, multilingual speakers, or specialized terminology. Our human remote operators can ensure quality captions, resulting in better accuracy with automatically translated subtitles.

Take advantage of’s multilingual realtime captioner offers captions in multiple source languages (the language of the speaker), as well as real-time translation for over 60 different subtitle languages. offers a unique feature called a “language switcher,” which lets organizers easily switch the captioner to different languages between presentations.* For example, if you have English, Spanish, and French speakers, you can run concurrent sessions with captions and subtitles in all of those languages for a fully multilingual experience.

Whether or not you have a script for your event, we can help you produce translated subtitles live in various formats (overlays, open captions, closed captions, etc.). Since our Audience View provides captions and subtitles through a web app, your audience sees the same real-time text whether they are online or physically present for your event.

*Note: remote operators must be able to speak the source language, or spoken language, in order for human experts to be included in the automatic captioning/subtitling process. We also recommend using a manuscript or interpreter subtitling for character-based languages.


Conferences, seminars, and speeches should be captioned for a variety of reasons:

Captions provide access to conferences for individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Closed captions also make conferences more accessible to ELL audiences. Captions improve access to information for individuals with different auditory and sensory processing disorders. They also improve audience engagement.

Captions can improve audience retention by providing an alternative way to receive information. Data suggests that viewers who watch captions retain 20-40% more information than those who do not have captions. Offering captions in different languages (subtitles) can help viewers feel more welcome, personalizing content for people from various backgrounds.

Captions create the opportunity to extend a conference’s brand. This can be accomplished through the choice of caption font and color. Additionally, captions can include links, keywords, and logos that are incorporated into the text.

What Our Clients Say…was by far the most financially accessible translation/captioning service we found, and we really appreciate the personalized and friendly attention and care taken with our project.

Director, Carla’s Quince


We were in a time crunch and not only did you guys step up to the plate, you were able to sit down with us, brainstorm what we had, what you could do – and then you went all in and made sure that it went seamless through the event. So we really appreciated all your support and making sure that it was successful. Thank you.

ILA ‘21 Project Manager, COO

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