This course will help you master the captioner in so you can provide high quality captioning and translation in multiple languages. By the end of the course, you will become an expert in operating This course includes multiple practices and the tips and tricks we’ve learned.┬áComplete this course and you will be able to sign up for paid remote opportunities!

Course Details

Estimated Time: 1 day


  • Basics
    • Overview of
    • Basics: How to upload content and generate translations
    • Basics: How to create and setup a session
    • Basics: Setup at Venue
    • Review of Basics
  • Introduction to the Beta Captioner
    • Accessing the beta captioner
    • How to setup the beta captioner
    • How to release prepared content in beta captioner
    • How to edit/release captioning
  • Operating the beta captioner
    • How to setup autoreplacements
    • Using prepared content amid unscripted speech
    • Tips for efficient and accurate captioning
    • Troubleshooting
  • Advanced
    • How to deal with different use cases
    • Preparing for an upcoming event
    • Final Recap
    • Capability Test
  • Remote Operator Logistics
    • Submit your information
    • How to setup and start remote captioning for an event
    • How to hand over the captioner during a live event (relay)
    • How to finish with your captioning gig
    • How to book a gig


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