How do I...

How to identify my session’s mobile link

 Q: Where can I find my session's link so my audience can get translation on their mobile devices? A: It's very easy! The following instructions explain how to locate your session-specific URL. This URL always points to the session it was created for. If you want to...

How do I redirect the audience to a different session?

Q: I have a few different sessions happening back-to-back. How do I redirect the audience in the mobile view to a different session? (Last updated June 26, 2019) A: Once a session is finished, follow the instructions below to change to the next session. The audience...

How do I display the captions on a projector?

Q: How do I display captions and translations on a projector screen or extra display?Last modified: June 26, 2019A: To display output (slides, captions, translation, etc.) on a projector screen, complete the following steps: Set up your computer to be connected...

How do I add a language?

Q: How do I add a language? A:  To add a language to your setup, follow the instructions found here. After you have added it, the language will be available to you when creating or editing sessions and documents.

How do I connect microphone audio to

Q: How do I connect microphone audio to A: In order for to generate live captions of your event, you must connect the microphone audio to the computer running Note: we do not recommend using the laptop microphone for a live use case, as it will...

Quick Start

Here’s how to quickly get started with without any prepared manuscripts or slides. Follow these instructions if it’s your first time logging into

Create Session

Setup for Each Session - Create Session Last modified: April 11, 2018 Updated interface: 1. Beginning from the dashboard, click on "Create Session" (if you are looking for the quick start, learn more here.) 2. Enter a title for the session. 3. Select the spoken...

How to Set Up (an overview)

Click above for quick start instructions. For in-depth documentation, follow the links below for setup instructions. There are steps that are done once and there is setup that happens for each of your events. One-Time Setup: Configure channels Setup for Each Session:...

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