Make a difference

Provide real-time captions and translation (with AI) to give the Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and people of many languages access to any event.

All you need is a laptop and internet connection.


Earn $25/hour working remote (plus bonuses!)

Free training

Finish the free training ($399 value) and get certified to operate Then get paid to provide the service!

Work from anywhere

All you need as a operator is a laptop, headphones, and reliable internet to do the job.

Increase accessibility

Your captioning or translation work helps events be more accessible to the hard-of-hearing and non-English speakers.

What is (pronounced spiffy-oh) is software that enables people to access events in many languages through real-time captions and translations. It uses prepared content and live spoken speech to deliver a seamless translated and accessible experience.

What equipment/skills do I need to remotely operate

All you need is a reliable internet connection*, a computer running Google Chrome, and headphones/speakers to listen to audio. Please note, you also must be 18 years or older, authorized to work in the US, fluent in English, and comfortable with typing while listening.

* 5 Mbps download and upload speed minimum. Run a speed test to test your internet.

What do I get to do as an operator?

Your job is to give the audience a great experience by:

  1. Releasing prepared content at the right time, like manuscript content or slides. (It’s easy!)
  2. Listening to the live audio of what’s being said at the event.
  3. Quickly reviewing and editing the captions automatically generated from the live audio (takes practice).

How long does it take to be trained?

Basic training takes only 1 hour, more advanced training takes 3-5 hours. You will need to pass the certification test in order to gain access to paid opportunities. The more experience you have using the system the better, so spending time practicing with provided sample audio files is helpful.


Get Started

Sign up to access the training/certification program.

After you sign up, you will:

  • Complete training and certification.
  • Once certified, submit a completed W-9 and your payment information.
  • Get notified of opportunities and sign up for paid gigs!

Spread the word

Let others know about this opportunity to serve the Deaf, hard of hearing and people from many languages while earning some nice side income! It’s simpler than Uber and more fun too 🙂 Remote operator - paid gigs