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Project Pentecost is a movement helping churches reflect the multilingual and multicultural diversity of God’s Kingdom in their weekly gatherings. Join the movement and get free resources and ideas to make Pentecost special–not just this year, but every year!

The Vision

Join God’s story

The church in America and around the world remains segregated by language and culture. But God’s glory was always meant to be brilliantly displayed through the diversity of the church.  How do we help our churches fulfill God’s will? That’s what Project Pentecost is about.

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Insightful articles, research, tips, training and other resources to empower you and your community on the journey.

Multilingual Resources

Quality assets (video, songs, liturgy) your church can use for worship, available in multiple languages.

Tech Platform

Training, ideas, and technology to create amazing multilingual experiences.


Why Join?


Bear witness to the Gospel

When your church faithfully includes people with disabilities and people of many languages and cultures it reflects the glory of God’s Kingdom. Your community becomes a witness to the confession that Jesus is Lord of all and gives people access to the Gospel experience as well as message.


Get the help you need

Living into God’s call is hard. There’s human, systemic and spiritual resistance, the trials of life and our own personal weaknesses. Get the help you need through empowering resources and encouraging connections. This is a safe place to ask and think through the hard questions you’re facing.


Ride a bigger wave

The Holy Spirit is already working throughout the world to bring about God’s will. By joining together, we benefit from riding a bigger wave, listening to and learning from how the Spirit is leading in our lives and communities. Instead of scattered efforts, doing this together creates momentum for change.


Spark an energizing vision

We know not every church is ready to become diverse. Joining the movement is a first step that helps you collectively discern God’s calling for your community and cast an energizing vision for Spirit-led transformation.


Create the future

Technology is changing and disrupting the status quo at an ever increasing pace. Create the future God desires by discerning how the Spirit is using technology to fulfill the Scriptures and leveraging the state-of-the-art to reflect God’s Kingdom in your communities. You don’t have to be a techie to do it.


Accelerate your work

Save time and effort by sharing and using adaptable resources/assets. Instead of figuring out everything from scratch, build on the work of others. Share your innovations and creations to accelerate others in the movement.

Get started!

Sign up to be part of Project Pentecost and get access to:

  • Ideas for creative ways to celebrate Pentecost
  • Hear stories of how others celebrate multilingual and multiethnic diversity in their churches
  • Resources for multilingual worship
  • A blog series and discussion guide about language diversity for your church
  • More…


Start Here


Is diversity a Gospel issue?

Pentecost set the precedent of a church that is full of different peoples, cultures, and languages. What does that mean for the church today? Read on to find out.


My church isn’t very diverse, now what?

You want your church to include people of many cultures and backgrounds, but how do you address this corporately? We discuss the important first steps to take. 


How do I deal with culture clash?

Whether inside or outside of your community, you will face culture clash. How do you deal with it and stay in relationship? Scripture explicitly and powerfully speaks to this. Find out how in this post. 

Get inspired by other articles in our Project Pentecost series. 


Get the Resources



This video provides a powerful multilingual experience you can use in worship to commemorate the giving of the Holy Spirit and the Gospel being unleashed to all.


Translated into multiple languages under an open license, the song “We Are the Body of Christ” serves as an anthem for Project Pentecost. Sing it with your congregation this Pentecost.


To help you prepare, we compiled a directory of Pentecost worship resources from varying traditions, available on the internet. Get inspired by learning from others.

Get equipped

Our Project Pentecost bundle has high quality assets to help you make Pentecost special.

Get HD access to the Project Pentecost video featuring people across more than 10 languages (including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Swahili, Hindi, and more). It’s a powerful video designed to cast vision for the multilingual future of church.

This kit also includes a printable multilingual poster and the chords and multilingual lyrics to the song “We Are the Body of Christ,” conveniently bundled into one download. Get the bundle and help support Project Pentecost as well!


Frequently Asked

What is Project Pentecost?

Project Pentecost is a movement and campaign helping churches reflect the multilingual and multicultural diversity of God’s Kingdom in their weekly gatherings. Signing up means you believe God desires churches today to be a foretaste of the future when people from every tribe, tongue and nation worship Jesus together. The project also provides resources to help persuade others, multilingual assets you can use in worship services, and technology that streamlines multilingual worship services.

Why is it important?
God’s Kingdom is incomplete without the poor, the blind, the Deaf and people from every language. If we long for the Kingdom of God, we must do everything in our power to welcome them.
Towards this end, Project Pentecost first calls believers to read the Bible closely to develop their own conviction that God desires the church to be integrated, not segregated. Second, it invites us to seek the Holy Spirit’s leadership every step of the way in the journey towards transformation.
By the end of the campaign we hope for hundreds of marvelous celebrations of Pentecost all around the world that include many languages and cultures. We hope Pentecost might become a worldwide celebration equal to the popularity and wonder of Christmas and Easter. And from such celebrations, we hope to unleash the momentum of thousands of churches and people bearing witness to the Gospel through their integrated, multilingual weekly gatherings. 
Who is behind it?

From reading Scripture, we believe the Holy Spirit is ultimately behind the push towards linguistic and cultural diversity in churches. Project Pentecost is a campaign started by Theotech, a company dedicated to technology entrepreneurship for the Gospel. As part of its initiative to promote thriving multilingual churches Theotech created spf.io, an all-in-one platform for event translation and accessibility. Project Pentecost is hosted on the spf.io website because new technology is what makes living into God’s vision of multilingual worship and community attainable on an unprecedented scale.

Who is it for and how can I get involved?

Project Pentecost is for any Christian who believes in God’s vision for the Church as diverse, integrated communities of people from many languages, cultures, and abilities, worshiping Jesus Christ together.

Sign up HERE.

You can get involved by sharing this page. You can contact us with questions or stories here. You can financially support Project Pentecost and TheoTech’s broader mission by becoming a patron on Patreon.

If you’re a Christian bored or frustrated with the status quo (or maybe on fire for the Gospel), joining Project Pentecost will equip you with resources to help effect change and connect with a wider movement of what God is doing.

If you’re a church leader hopeful and anxious about the future of your church, Project Pentecost will help you discern what God is calling your community to and the new opportunities for faithfulness.

If you’re a pastor facing resistance to diversity and outreach in your congregation, Project Pentecost will equip you with stories, articles and other resources to navigate the changes God is calling your congregation to.

If you’re a church parliamentarian, regional or denominational leader wondering how you can support the diversity of your churches and unleash their creative witness at scale, Project Pentecost will help you cast vision for the future of church from personal discipleship all the way up to creating an inclusive polity for people with disabilities and people who speak many languages at national gatherings.

How is it connected with spf.io?

Spf.io is an all-in-one platform for event translation and accessibility. This technology enables churches to welcome diverse people in many languages every week. It streamlines the preparation and creation of accessible, multilingual worship services at an affordable price. Project Pentecost is about more than spf.io, which is simply a new technology-enabler for the bigger vision God is inviting churches into. At the same time the new possibilities of this technology mean that if we want to faithfully follow God’s call, we cannot continue with the status quo. Read here to find out how spf.io can help your church.

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