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Whether it's virtual or in-person, instantly deliver captions and translations to Zoom calls, livestreams, smartphones, and more. It's never been simpler to include everyone!
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All-in-one software for real-time captioning and translation. All the tools you need in one place.

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Audio Livestreaming

Stream your interpreters’ voice to people’s smartphones. Instead of maintaining specialized headsets that are easy to lose or break, go with an online solution that scales to as many as you need. (This also helps provide assisted listening too!)

Real-time Subtitles

Don’t have an interpreter for a language? Get automatic captions and translations of live speech. One person can release captions for people with hearing loss and subtitles for all needed languages. Automatic translation is available for 60+ languages.


Slide & Document Translation

Generate automatic translations of manuscripts, documents, and slides in seconds. These can be edited by translators before your event so people get high quality text and slides in their language.


Audio Description

Make your event accessible for the blind and visually impaired by providing audio description. One person types a description of what is happening on stage for people to hear through their smartphones.

Making digital events welcoming and inclusive can be a challenge! It is especially difficult when the event requires Zoom translation services for multiple broadcasts. However, The Voting Project found success with’s technology to provide high-quality live subtitles for their online play, Carla’s Quince.

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What is

It’s all-in-one translation and accessibility software for events and prepared content. It enables your events and content to be accessible in many languages through captions, translations, transcriptions, and more. It’s completely accessible through the web and does not require installation or download.

Include the Deaf, hard of hearing and people who speak many languages in your next event with (pronounced spiffy-oh).


Deliver translation directly to mobile devices, so your audience can easily get it when they need it.


Translating your talk is as simple as speaking into a microphone plugged into a computer.


Scale to as many languages and devices as you need. Everything stays in sync.


Provide translation in the way you want, whether it's scripts, slides, audio, automatic or prepared translations.

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