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Make your events, content, and conversations accessible and multilingual with our all-in-one platform powered by AI with a human touch. is an all-in-one AI translation and accessibility platform that can be used for churches, schools, conferences, theater, and government

Delighting your multilingual audience doesn’t have to be stressful.

Overwhelmed by the complexity of creating a multilingual event?

Concerned about costs blowing up as you add more and more languages?

Frustrated by the process of finding and managing quality interpreters and translators?

Anxious about burning out staff and volunteers?

Worried few people will actually use your translations?

Looking for a solution that scales as your audience grows? (spiffy-oh) makes it easy to translate events, content, and conversations. Our AI translation platform streamlines your localization efforts and elevates the end-to-end experience for your multilingual audience.

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Automatic Captions & Translation

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Audio Live Streaming

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Multilingual Polls

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Audio Visual Captions & Subtitles

Document Translation Portal

Slides Translation

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Multilingual Conversations




Host multilingual events with ease

Display real-time captions and translations, stream audio interpretation and poll audiences in 100+ languages.

Use autopilot or supervise AI and swiftly correct errors in real-time to ensure quality.

Useful for in-person, online, and hybrid events of all sizes.

I can’t think of a better partner than for a global event requiring caption and translation in multiple languages at the right cost.
Vikas Pota, Founder and CEO of T4 education

Vikas Pota
Founder and CEO of T4 Education
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We integrate with
multiple streaming platforms


Translate content faster

Quickly translate audio, video, slides, and documents with language AI that learns from you.

Easily edit AI generated results to achieve your desired quality while training the AI to match your style and domain.

Easily manage content and collaborators across multiple languages 

The translation results are very helpful for translators, so they don’t need to translate from scratch.
Maria Fennita, Director of Christianity Today Indonesia

Maria Fennita
Director of Christianity Today Indonesia
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AI translation for multilingual conversations

Let people speak freely in their native language through real-time captions and translations.

Support relationships and collaboration across languages–online and in-person.

Customize’s language AI to ensure safer and more accurate captions and translation.

With the Convo app, now we’re able to have multiple people on a call in a group setting where we’re speaking different languages, even more than two, and we’re able to actually share our experiences, faith, and cultural expressions with one another.
Pastor Steven-profil picture

Pastor Steven Zapolski
Founder of United Community Church
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Make your events, content and conversations accessible and multilingual today!

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