Create a Playlist

Setup for Each Session – Create a Playlist

A playlist is useful when you have more than 1 slide deck and/or more than 1 document you need to be able to queue up to be shown for a single session. If you just have 1 slide deck and/or 1 document to show for a session, you can skip creating a playlist and continue to the next step: creating a session.

  1. Begin at the Sessions homepage
  2. Click on Playlists
  3. Click on “Create Playlist”
  4. Input a title/description for the playlist and click “apply”
  5. Select “Add Entry”
  6. Enter a title and then select the “slides” tab
  7. Assign the slides for this entry to the proper channels
  8. Select the “documents” tab and assign any documents for this entry to the proper channels
  9. When complete, select Done
  10. Repeat steps 5-9 as needed.

NOTE: A session can have only 1 playlist assigned to it, so ensure that all slides/documents are loaded into a single playlist for each session.