Translation has never been simpler

With, you can provide captions and translation that scales with your audience.


Serving and communicating with the public can be difficult especially when they come from different cultures and languages. But with, translation is so simple, it’s easy to provide a great multilingual experience. Any prepared materials can be loaded into before the event. Hook up microphone audio to and deliver captions and translation for everyone on a projector. Or attendees can visit the event URL on their mobile devices to receive subtitles.


Ready for Anything

With, you can provide translation to your audience whether or not it’s prepared beforehand. Automated translation for over 50 languages is always at your fingertips.

Convenient Display

Translation and slides can both be displayed through Show them on a projector or directly on the audience’s mobile devices.

Single Control

Keep multiple languages all in sync with what the speaker says. Control the delivery of captions and slides with the tap of a button from a single device.

How It Works

Upload materials to





Prepared Translations

(if you have it)


Single Control

Setup the computer/mobile device that will control the display of translations and slides.

Connect a microphone

to for automated translation

Deliver translation


Mobile Devices

Ready to try it out?

Get started today and start reaching your audience better than ever before.

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