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Our AI-powered Document Translation Portal (DTP) makes it easier to translate documents into many languages with higher accuracy and speed.
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Say goodbye to translating from scratch!

DTP significantly reduces the time and effort required to translate any document. Simply upload your file, pick the language(s) to translate into and quickly review and edit the translations.
πŸ“š Translate Documents in Various Format
Import Word documents, .docx, .srt, .txt, .vtt, .md, and .json (i18n) files, or copy and paste rich or plain text directly into the editor.
🌐 Bidirectional Translations
Translate bidirectionally to over 100 languages.

Achieve higher accuracy

DTP continuously learns from your translations. The more you use it, the more it imitates your style and word choices.

🧠 Best-Fit Engine Based on Language Pair

DTP allows you to select from multiple baseline Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engines to suit your language pair.

πŸ€– Adaptive Machine Translation

Use your data to build a custom engine to translate domain-specific content such as theology, medicine, politics, economics, etc.

πŸ”„ Alternative Translations

Explore alternative translations for a particular line and select the most precise and relevant translation for your domain.

Coordinate a high-performing team

Coordinate with translators, editors, and reviewers, and track the status of your team’s progress all in one place. No need to e-mail files back and forth. Manage content in multiple languages with ease.
πŸ–₯️ Translation Dashboard

Simplify handling translations of your documents into many languages–each translation is linked to its source so you can manage it as one logical unit.

Oversee translator progress in a single place across multiple languages, people and documents.


πŸ“„ Sentence Alignment
DTP helps keep sentences and paragraphs between translations aligned, making it easier to review them line-by-line.
πŸ—ƒοΈ Diff Tool
Compare automatic translation and human postedited results to see every correction your translators make. See the automatic translation improve over time.


β€œThe translation results are very helpful for translators, so they don’t need to translate from scratch.”


Director of Christianity Today Indonesia

Christianity Today Indonesia uses DTP to translate its annual Advent Devotions and articles to a global audience.

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