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Welcome the Deaf and hard-of-hearing through providing real-time captions and/or assisted listening with For the blind and visually impaired, provide audio description so they can understand what is happening on stage.

It was very easy to set up, and the quality is great. I was also surprised at how little lag there is.

Cameron D.

Using audio livestreaming for assisted listening


Provide translation through–there’s a few different ways! You can stream the audio of your interpreter to people’s smartphones. If you don’t have interpreters, send out automatic translation of subtitles in real-time. You can also generate automatic translations of prepared content like documents and slides ahead of time and have it ready to go.

I used your services on Sunday, September 22nd to handle translation into spanish for some guests at our services, and it went quite well! Natasha was my rep, and she was excellent from the quote request through the execution of the event. I will definitely be keeping your company in mind for future events.

Alex B.

Using audio livestreaming for interpretation

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