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Online Events

Virtual conferences, Zoom meetings, and online gatherings need accessibility just as much as an in-person event. Make sure everyone is included with real-time automatic captioning and translation. It’s easy with, whether it’s integrated directly in your Zoom call or displayed through the audience view, open in another window!…was by far the most financially accessible translation/captioning service we found, and we really appreciate the personalized and friendly attention and care taken with our project.

Stefanía, Director of Carla's Quince

Using for Spanish subtitles on Zoom

In-Person Events

Since is software, you can set it up anywhere there’s internet access. It’s easy to provide accessibility and translation in a variety of ways. You can stream the audio for assisted listening or spoken interpretation directly to people’s smartphones. Or send out automatic captions or translations in real-time. You can also generate automatic translations of prepared content like documents and slides ahead of time and have it ready to go.

It was very easy to set up, and the quality is great. I was also surprised at how little lag there is.

Cameron D.

Using audio livestreaming for assisted listening

This is just a quick introduction to Our software can do even more to help your event be easily accessible in many languages, like:

Translation and Captioning Software

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