NOTE: Audio livestreaming makes sounds and interpretation accessible for hearing people. Captions and subtitles make sound accessible to people with hearing loss. Audio description makes visual elements accessible to the blind and visually impaired.

Stream spoken interpretation directly to people’s smartphones with

Break through the struggle.

Are you struggling with bilingual events that drag on too long? Or do you need to get your translation audio to more people without the expense of purchasing and maintaining additional headset equipment? With’s audio live streaming, you can distribute crystal-clear translation through Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI). This feature allows interpreters to work from any location, ensuring your audience receives real-time, accurate translations directly on their smartphones, without the hassle of managing a lot of extra equipment.

How does it work for translation?

Your interpreter logs into on their computer and connects their microphone and venue audio.

Meanwhile, your audience visits a special link on their phone’s browser and plugs in headphones.

When the event starts, the interpreter listens to what the speaker says and speaks their interpretation into the microphone. Your audience listens to the spoken interpretation through their own devices. And that’s it!

How can help with assistive listening?

No need for expensive installations or maintaining extra equipment — with the same system and setup, enables you to stream audio to smartphones and provide assistive listening to help those with hearing loss.

Audience members just visit a special link, select the spoken language, enable audio and plug in headphones.

See the technical requirements for

It was very easy to set up, and the quality is great. I was also surprised at how little lag there is.
Cameron D.

Using audio livestreaming for assisted listening

I used your services on Sunday, September 22nd to handle translation into spanish for some guests at our services, and it went quite well! Natasha was my rep, and she was excellent from the quote request through the execution of the event. I will definitely be keeping your company in mind for future events.

Alex B.

Using audio livestreaming for interpretation

No special equipment needed

With, events do not need to buy and maintain interpretation equipment. Using everyday tools like a laptop, microphone, and smartphones, the entire system is accessible through the internet.


Scale Up

Don’t be limited by how many headsets you have on hand any more. If one event you need to provide translation for 5 and the next time for 50 people, our software will seamlessly scale to ensure everyone receives the interpretation.


It’s easy for your audience to get translation. Now there’s no need to search for where to get a headset–just share the special link with them and they receive audio right on their smartphone.

Distribute spoken interpretation and assistive listening audio cheaper, faster, and better.



Audio livestreaming with

Conventional Headsets Method

Deliver audio to devices



Get audio on people’s smartphones via mobile data or wi-fi


More hygienic  


Scale to everyone that needs it


Analytics of usage x  
Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)–interpreters can interpret from anywhere


Increase accessibility with real-time subtitling of interpretation


Integrate with slides and scripts so interpreters have access to prepared content through a single platform


Real-time listener counts so the interpreter knows when they are needed


Branded URL



Increase accessibility with captioning add-on x  
Assistive listening x  
Remote access for attendees around the world x  

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