Is your audience left out of your event?


Accessibility may be the missing piece.

The BIG secret to easy event accessibility

You’ve chosen your venue.

You’ve lined up your keynote speaker.

And of course, you’ve invited your audience to come to your event.

You’ve prepared to the best of your ability to welcome them in so they can get the most out of your event. But is your audience still going to miss out?

Over 37 million people in the US have hearing loss. To put it into perspective, that’s 3 in 20 people who would benefit from accessibility technology like hearing aids, live captioning, or

Over 25 million people in the US have vision loss. These individuals would benefit from accessibility technology like audio description, large print handouts, or
How many people attend your events but are left out due to unmet needs? Imagine how many people you aren’t reaching because it lacks accessibility!

We’ve identified six EASY ways to make your event accessible

Easy, actionable, and no special equipment required. Just fill out your information below and we’ll send it right over.

Making your event accessible can sound like a lot of extra time and resources. But here’s the big secret–you can create a fantastic, accessible event with just a little bit of preparation and technology.

Your cost-effective, scalable accessibility solution is here

We know that accessibility is important, but so often it’s overlooked or out of budget. That’s why we built (pronounced spiffy-oh)–we saw an unmet need for convenient accessibility that is cost-effective and easy to scale to everyone that needs it.

Here’s how helps make your event accessible

It’s a very flexible platform, so you can customize the right combination to meet accessibility needs at your event.

Vision accessibility

You deliver visual aids like slides right on the audience member’s smartphone, in real-time with the event. Provide an even richer experience to audience members by providing audio description of what is happening.


Audio accessibility

You enable the deaf or hard-of-hearing to know what is happening through captioning or delivering scripted text in real-time, or streaming venue audio direct to their device for assistive listening.

Want to make your next event accessible?

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