AI-powered Multilingual Polls

Empower people to vote in their own language–in-person, remote and hybrid.

Multilingual polls

Every vote matters

Voting is a crucial aspect of many organizations, but it can pose challenges for those living far away or not fluent in the dominant language. To tackle this, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of AI-powered Multilingual Polls.

Questions and motions are automatically translated into multiple languages, so voters can select their preferred language and cast their vote with ease. Simply open the poll URL on your device during a live meeting to view and submit your vote.

This also helps organizations with members who live far away from where in-person voting takes place. Commuting for hours to attend a deliberative assembly is not always practical. Multilingual polls enable every member to vote simultaneously and in real-time, whether they are participating via Zoom or in-person.

These features bridge the language barrier together with’s speech translation to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s vote counts–a new “normal” for inclusive meetings!

Why AI-powered Multilingual Polls? 

Illustration of showing up people using multi translation

Vote in any language

Empower everyone, regardless of their language, to vote and have their voice heard. Individuals can see questions, motions and chioces in their native language and submit their vote.

Illustration that showing up the realtime result after polling

Get real time results

Instantly see the poll results and present them in a clear and easy-to-understand format to your participants.

Illustration that showing up user can poll through any device

Easy to use on any device

Individuals can vote using their mobile, tablet or desktop in their native language and vote wherever they want!

Easily create polls on the fly

  • Select a language
  • Create a motion/question
  • Add or edit translations with the click of a button
  • Start the Poll

Vote from anywhere in your language


a screenshot of a smartphone and laptop showing the interface for voting in a poll
A screenshot of a smartphone showing the interface for voting in a poll

Want multilingual polls for your next meeting?