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Include many languages in your schools, courses & classrooms whether virtual, in-person or hybrid with fun learning activities, real time captions & translations and more.
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Break the language barrier and engage all your students.


International students are a growing population at universities and K-12, but the language barrier makes it difficult for them to understand everything that is going on in class. With spf.io, you can help by providing live captions and translation of lectures and lessons directly to the students who need it. All it takes is speaking into a microphone that’s connected to spf.io. Spf.io also integrates with platforms like Zoom and YouTube to enhance those experiences with the tools you need to serve your class in many languages.


Ready for Anything

With spf.io, you can provide translation to your students any time with automated translation always at your fingertips.

Convenient Display

Translation and slides can both be displayed through spf.io. Show them on a projector or directly on the students’ computers.


Gather Feedback

Easily engage your students by collecting questions during and immediately after lectures with spf.io.

How It Works

1. Upload prepared materials


Prepared Translations

(if you have them)

Single Control

Set up the device that will control the display of translations and slides.

Connect a microphone

to spf.io for automatic captions and translation.


Show up to 3 languages on a single projector.

Mobile Devices

Your audience visits the event URL to receive translation.

Ready to try it out?

Get started today and start reaching your audience better than ever before.

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