Need to caption or translate your online theater productions?

Look no further! Meet your captioning needs with our simple solution: live/online theater captioning
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Not sure how a zoom theater performance works? Read about the online play Carla’s Quince here.

Generate captions directly from your script

Poor audio? No problem!

Have you ever struggled with less-than-perfect audio during a broadcast? Do you need to meet accessibility requirements for an online showing of your production? Do you want subtitles in a different language? With, you can offer quality broadcasts, complete with accurate captions or subtitles, with tools that can be operated easily by in-house volunteers or staff. Just ask us how, and we’ll help you get started.

Online Zoom Captioning and Translation for Theater Accessibility

Easy online captioning

Upload your script and release lines as captions. Switch to automatic captioning as needed. Works with Zoom, StreamYard, Twitch, YouTube Live, and more!

Protect your content

Turn off caption history to protect copyrighted material. Make captions available only for accessibility and translation purposes.

Meet accessibility requirements

Make your production accessible in many languages. offers online theater captioning, multilingual captioning, and simultaneous interpretation options.
Zoom online theater with script

Everything you need to release perfect lines.

Release lines directly from your script instead of relying on Zoom to caption your actors’ words. You can also offer subtitles in over 60 languages!

With, you can easily turn longer lines into readable captions.’s smart wrap automatically breaks long sentences into smaller chunks. Unlike a “hard wrap,” smart wrap keeps words whole. An in-house staff member can then release the captions for perfect timing during your broadcast.

Flexible captioning and translation options

Customize your audience’s experience: you can use both a script and an automated captioner during your broadcast. For example, if a section of your show features off-script dialogue, you can get automatic captions and switch back to prepared captions afterwards.

You can choose how your audience sees your captions:

  • as lower thirds captions/subtitles
  • in a second browser window (also works for in-person events on a smart phone!)
  • embedded in a Zoom call through a caption API token integration
  • as open captions by screensharing the window containing captions into a video call
Theater Captions for Zoom

What equipment do I need?

No need for expensive installations or maintaining extra equipment — with the same system and setup, enables you to stream audio to smartphones and provide assistive listening to help those with hearing loss. Audience members just visit a special link, select the spoken language, enable audio and plug in headphones. See the technical requirements for here.…was by far the most financially accessible translation/captioning service we found, and we really appreciate the personalized and friendly attention and care taken with our project.


Director, Carla's Quince

I used your services on Sunday, September 22nd to handle translation into spanish for some guests at our services, and it went quite well! Natasha was my rep, and she was excellent from the quote request through the execution of the event. I will definitely be keeping your company in mind for future events.
Alex B.

Using audio livestreaming for interpretation

No special equipment needed

With, you don’t need extra equipment since our software is cloud-based. Use everyday tools like a laptop, microphone, and smartphones –’s entire system is accessible over the internet.

Scale Up

Don’t be limited by your software. Theater changes with the times, and so should your tools. works for all online, in-person, and hybrid events. If you need to provide captions and translation for 5 people at your first event and 500 for the next, our software will seamlessly scale with your production.


You don’t need to hire a specialist to get captions and translations for theater. House staff can easily release captions for perfect timing. If you do already have a stenographer or voicewriter, can work seamlessly with them, too.

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