Multilingual church services: how clients get proactive with

In a recent podcast, reKindle host Jerin Thomas and Pastor Briana Southerland talk about multilingual church services and Briana’s church, First Alliance Church Calgary (FAC), was looking for language solutions. At first, their system involved human...

10 ways can help you with your virtual events

Creating an online event that is multilingual and accessible can be challenging. At, we offer custom solutions for your livestream captioning and translation needs with our easy to use, all-in-one software.

Case Study: Reaching multilingual virtual audiences using

Organizations which provide essential services are holding more multilingual virtual events than ever. It's crucial their target audiences can understand them clearly. However, language and ability barriers create a serious challenge. Digital translation is no longer...

Language Accessibility for Online Events: Live Theater With

As online gatherings become more popular due to the challenges of COVID-19, event coordinators are finding unique solutions to replace in-person experiences.

Found in translation: How helped a wedding accessibility need

By Lie Shia Ong-Sintzel   I’m what you call an “ABC.” If you’ve read the popular book “Crazy Rich Asians” or watched the movie adaption of it, you know that stands for “American-born Chinese.” As I was growing up, my immigrant parents instilled in me the...

International Speakers

A great talk doesn't go very far if your audience can't speak your language. Find out how you can use to communicate effectively in many languages.


Help your students learn by breaking the language barrier in the classroom. Have access to translation in over 50 languages with

Religious Organizations

It can be hard to serve a diverse community. Find out how you can share your message in many languages, and bring people together like never before.


Find out how to provide convenient and uninterruptive translation resulting in more effective community meetings, town halls, and public events.


Sometimes you just don't know how many attendees need translation. With, you can provide a great translation experience that scales to meet everyone's needs.

& More

Any time you have people of various languages coming together and communicating, can help keep everyone in sync.

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Why is Diversity Hard?

Why is Diversity Hard?

In this article: Why is diversity important? How is it related to trust?     hink about your average day. If you leave home to work in a city, you probably encounter a lot of diversity. You may see software engineers and retail workers riding the...

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Better Captioning Resiliency with Latest Release

Better Captioning Resiliency with Latest Release

With the latest release of our new feature Overlays, now you can open caption your video feed into any video conferencing software, like Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, or Blue Jeans. This means now offers more resiliency and ability to provide captioning for...

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How can help your church go virtual

How can help your church go virtual

As many church services go virtual in response to COVID-19, we discovered two simple but important problems. 1) How do we show slides in addition to our livestream? Most churches do not know how to use advanced software to add slides to a video stream. 2) How do we...

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