How powerful AI language tools can create an inclusive education system

Creating an inclusive education system using AI language tools:interview summaryMissed our World Education Week presentation?Watch the entire interview here, and sign up for our free resource kit here.AI technology like can help create an inclusive education...

Teacher Resources: Cloze exercises for inclusive language learning

Use our free cloze tool to generate your own cloze exercises.Students get frustrated with language learning listening exercises because they are just plain hard. What if they could learn from fun TikTok clips and YouTube videos, instead? What if you could turn the...

Maximizing impact: digital classroom providers leverage captioning for inclusive training

Our team at sat down with our clients to see what others could learn from their success with online course accessibility. Read on to learn about the unexpected bonus win that saved them days of work! How does a major online learning provider teach digital...

Cvent captions and translations are now available on

How to get Cvent captions and subtitles for your events and meetings We are excited to announce that you can now use with Cvent to caption and translate your live events and meetings. It enables you to capture sound from multiple speakers using Cloud Loopback...

Real-time translation for schools: how brings communities together.

Why real-time translation technologies are critical for communities Today’s world is increasingly connected and diverse, and advances in technologies - like real-time translation - allow us to communicate and share important ideas with each other. As our translation...

International Speakers

A great talk doesn't go very far if your audience can't speak your language. Find out how you can use to communicate effectively in many languages.


Help your students learn by breaking the language barrier in the classroom. Have access to translation in over 50 languages with

Religious Organizations

It can be hard to serve a diverse community. Find out how you can share your message in many languages, and bring people together like never before.


Find out how to provide convenient and uninterruptive translation resulting in more effective community meetings, town halls, and public events.


Sometimes you just don't know how many attendees need translation. With, you can provide a great translation experience that scales to meet everyone's needs.

& More

Any time you have people of various languages coming together and communicating, can help keep everyone in sync.

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New tools for keeping your translation memory clean

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Translation in church technology: new tools for belonging

Translation in church technology: new tools for belonging

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