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Multilingual conference accessibility for Hopin events: lessons learned

Feb 6, 2022 | Blog, Hopin, Stories

This case study is a review of a Hopin event that required multilingual conference accessibility. If you’re looking for accessibility software for your online, in-person, or hybrid event, get in touch with us here. Regardless of what platform you use (Zoom, Hopin, crowdcast.io, YouTube, and more), we’ll be able to suggest captioning options and translation solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Using spf.io’s all-in-one captioning and translation platform, Interaction Latin America – an innovative conference that highlights industry leaders in design – created a hyper-personalized experience for speakers and audiences around the world. By offering presentations in Spanish, Portuguese, and English, ILA proactively made their conference accessible and simultaneously multilingual. At spf.io, our mission is to make every event accessible in any language. We help organizations like ILA scale to global audiences, attain their vision, and become leaders in their space in a way that makes “accessible and multilingual” a fundamental offering as opposed to an expensive nice-to-have.

Part 1 – Multilingual conference setup | Part 2 – Multilingual solutions | Part 3 – Lessons learned (this article)

Seamless multilingual experiences and conference accessibility options for Hopin

From the beginning, ILA organizers emphasized the need for accessibility for all conference attendees. Providing different mediums of communication (audio, text, visuals) was crucial to the conference’s success as viewers were able to decide how they wanted to interact with the content, creating a more personalized experience.

Organizers found that many people actually preferred to listen to the presenter’s original audio while reading spf.io captions in their own language. Simultaneous interpretation was an important option, but much of the nuance in a speaker’s voice (emotion, personality, timing) is lost when listening to a voice-over instead of a presenter’s original expression of their work.

Spf.io was the ideal tool for a multilingual conference – viewers could customize their choice of voiceovers and captions, in whichever language they preferred, whenever they wanted to. On top of this, technical difficulties caused minimal impact, as participants could read captions even if the stage they were viewing was inaudible or laggy.

Quick Tips for multilingual conference accessibility with Hopin:

  1. Display subtitles with spf.io’s Audience View for an easy in-browser experience.
  2. Keep it simple! Although interpreters are important, many people prefer to read subtitles and captions while listening to the original speaker.
  3. Enhance the conference experience by providing captions and transcripts. That way, your audience can follow along in spite of technical difficulties.
ILA multilingual conference accessibility for English, Spanish, Portuguese

Setting up for success: making accessibility for conferences easy and exciting

ILA’s ambitious goals provided an opportunity for spf.io to address a uniquely complex multilingual setup and support ILA’s vision in a simple, intuitive way that minimized manual intervention. Since spf.io was built from day one to be a multilingual, all-in-one tool, ILA’s 11th-hour partnership was the ideal showcase of both our ML-based technology and focus on user success. Our product team was able to work with ILA organizers to quickly define solutions in time for the conference, using our extensive experience with creating multicultural, accessible spaces for online and hybrid events.

Making events accessible to multilingual audiences does not have to be overly complex. In today’s globalized world, tools should be designed to enable effortless international connection and collaboration. Spf.io’s mission of making every event accessible in any language aligns with organizations like ILA to scale to global audiences, attain their vision, and become leaders in their space in a way that makes “accessible and multilingual” a fundamental offering as opposed to an expensive nice-to-have.

Spf.io is every global event organizer’s multi-lingual multi-tool: an adaptable, flexible way to not only meet accessibility requirements, but to realize a vision of a more connected world

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today and see how spf.io can help make your event accessible and multilingual!


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