DIVE INTO CODE + Spf.io Unleash Global Talent with AI language tools

Mar 16, 2023 | Blog, Education, News

Spf.io and DIVE INTO CODE form partnership to and Improve Meeting Productivity for Japanese Corporations.

Seattle, WA, USA – Spf.io, a provider of AI-based language solutions, and DIVE INTO CODE Corp., a coding education platform, have announced a collaboration to help Japanese corporations increase productivity when hosting meetings with non-Japanese speaking counterparts.

The partnership will leverage the expertise of both companies to develop cutting-edge AI technology that can assist with language translation and understanding during meetings.

“We are thrilled to help DIVE INTO CODE Corp. create economic opportunities for people all over the world by bridging the language barrier,” said Chris Lim, CEO of Spf.io. “With our AI expertise and DIVE INTO CODE Corp.’s access to global talent, we believe we can make a real difference for Japanese corporations looking to expand their global reach.”

“DIVE INTO CODE Corp. is excited to be partnering with Spf.io to develop innovative AI solutions for Japanese corporations,” said Hiroyoshi Noro, CEO of DIVE INTO CODE Corp. “We believe that this partnership will have a significant impact on improving communication and productivity for Japanese companies and help Japanese talent collaborate with people from all over the world.”

The partnership will focus on developing AI-based language solutions for real-time meetings and communication and providing training and support for companies looking to implement the technology.

About Spf.io
Spf.io is a leading provider of AI-based language solutions for businesses and individuals. With a focus on natural language processing and machine learning, Spf.io is committed to giving people access to opportunities in any language.  Learn more at spf.io/edu.

DIVE INTO CODE Corp. is a premier provider of coding education, with a mission to make coding accessible to everyone. The company offers various coding classes and workshops for individuals and organizations.

For more information about the partnership and the AI-based language solutions being developed, please get in touch with [email protected] or [email protected].

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