AI with a human touch

AI with a human touch: our artificial intelligence tenets

Aug 7, 2023 | Blog, Vision

Here at, we’ve chosen three tenets for applying AI in our products. We call it “AI with a human touch“. They are:

  • Keep humans in the loop
  • Give you power over your data
  • Make your data as useful as possible

There’s a lot more that could be said, like Microsoft’s responsible AI policy center or Amazon’s commitment to¬† 8 principles in collaboration with the White House. As we grow, a more sophisticated framework may be necessary, but for now, we like to keep things simple.

Here’s a bit of explanation about each one and what it means for you as a customer.

Keep humans in the loop

Across all our products, features and processes, we seek to enable humans to give input for feedback, correction and adaptation.

When you use’s real time captions editor to increase accuracy before releasing captions and translations to an audience, that is the power of keeping humans in the loop. When you automatically generate subtitles for videos and post-edit them for quality in the subtitle editor, that fits with this principle. When you add keywords and autoreplacements to improve the quality of translated conversations in Convo, that is also an example of keeping humans in the loop. Whenever something is automatically done through AI, we seek to give you a way to influence the output.

The ultimate benefit of keeping humans in the loop is that you can shape’s AI capabilities to fit the needs of your organization, your vocabulary, your domain, your use case.

Give you power over your data

Your data belongs to you.

Any videos you upload, text you generate, events you run through produce data that you can use to improve the quality and usability of the AI for the future. You can even delete the data for the sake of privacy. You have power over your data.

When we train custom machine translation models or create a custom voice for text to speech, the data you provide to train these models belongs to you. The models needed to generate translations or speech are hosted in our systems, but the training data is yours. provides tools to input and manage your data in our systems so that they can solve your problems more effectively in conjunction with AI.

Make your data as useful as possible

You want AI to do useful things. That’s why we are an “all-in-one platform” with a focus on translation and accessibility.

The data used to adapt speech translation for your organization also benefits document translation. The effort put into correcting video subtitles improves real time speech translation and lays the groundwork for speech synthesis. And now with the advent of large language models all the content in–whether text, video, or audio can become the basis for an organization-specific multilingual AI chatbot that you can have a conversation with (if this is something you want!).

AI training aside, you ultimately want to do things like create a great multilingual event, publish a book translation, subtitle a livestream or connect with people in another language. This tenet means we care about all of that. builds the tools that let you leverage all the effort you put into curating your data to good use. We also build integrations so you can leverage our tools in other platforms.

We want to help you deliver your end product and maybe even surprise you with great use cases you never thought of. That’s why we seek to make people’s data as useful as possible.


If you made it this far–thanks! Thank you for taking the time to learn our approach of “AI with a human touch” and understanding our tenets. We’re always learning and these will likely change with time, but we hope you’re as excited as we are to leverage AI to make “access in any language” a reality for everyone!


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