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Spf.io (pronounced spiffy-oh) is a product created by TheoTech LLC. The idea grew out of experiencing first-hand just how difficult it is for churches to communicate effectively in two languages every week. Rather than dealing with consecutive interpretation or wireless headsets, we wondered if there was a better way.

Since then, spf.io has evolved into what it is today–a system that makes it simple to make live events (virtual and in-person) accessible and localized by delivering translation in many languages, all synchronized with what the speaker is saying. Spf.io helps you provide an amazing multilingual experience for your audience.

The following diagram shows a high level overview of the ways spf.io can help you.

Spf.io is designed as an all-in-one platform for translation and accessibility. This means you can use it for live events (virtual, in-person or hybrid), video and podcast recordings, and document translation. Spf.io integrates with platforms like Zoom and YouTube to simplify making your events accessible in any language. It equips you with tools like a virtual teleprompter to make you and your guests look good in front of the camera. It leverages AI to help you improve the quality of automatic captioning and translation with the content you produce on the platform.

Here are a few links to stories of how spf.io has helped people and organizations include people in many languages in their events:

4 Ways Pacific Presbytery Enhances Inclusive Meetings

4 Ways Pacific Presbytery Enhances Inclusive Meetings

Voting is an essential aspect of Presbytery meetings. And it's one of the places where racial-ethnic disparities are most evident. You can't vote in a language you don't understand. Pacific Presbytery includes 53 local churches with diverse members who speak various...

Accelerating Multilingual Education in Brazil with AI

Accelerating Multilingual Education in Brazil with AI

With over 40 million enrolled students, Brazil’s vast education system faces challenges in providing equal access to quality education. To overcome this challenge, Brazil’s government institutions and NGOs have embarked on a collective effort to reform its education system.

Make your events accessible in many languages

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