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Live event captioning and translation

Jul 11, 2021 | Blog, Uncategorized

Live event captioning is an important part of delivering an effective and impactful presentation to your audience. With hybrid events becoming more popular, event coordinators are looking to get captions and translations for both in-person and digital audiences.

With captions, you can easily do the following:

  • Provide accessible content for your participants
  • Create a convenient, consistent audience viewing experience
  • If included in your captioning service, you can easily save content from presentations as transcripts
  • Add subtitles or translation in different languages

You can get these benefits by choosing the right live event captioning and translation service for your production.


Traditional captioning and translation for live events

When managing a hybrid event, you will need a captioning solution that works for your physical venues and online spaces. In the past, in-person events often used special hardware and personnel, like transcriptionists, to provide this service.

Now, with improvements in technology, it is more common to see live event captioning solutions that include cloud-based software and apps. These newer technologies allow you to offer captions and translations using affordable hardware, like desktop computers, laptops, and even your viewers’ cell phones. They are also easier to repurpose for the online portion of your event.

Options for transcription solutions:

  • Hire a specialist (transcriptionist with appropriate equipment)
  • Hardware solutions (ex. device for use in a conference room)
  • Cloud-based software for transcription
  • Apps that can transcribe directly on a user’s phone


Planning hybrid event production online Want to use a cloud-based app for your next event?
Learn how here.


Live event captioning and translation: a case study

Each hybrid event is different, and we’ve found that real-world examples can help customers choose the right captioning solution for their livestreams, conferences, and online events.

Let’s say that Charlie wants to run an event using Hopin for 30 different sessions. For some of these sessions, he wants to use three translators he has worked with before to do real-time translation at live events. However, because his event is hybrid, he wants to offer more than ten languages during the online portion of the event to better support his international audience.

What options does Charlie have? Read about solutions here.

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