Spf.io enables you to hardsub (also known as burn-in or open caption) your video files. Learn the advantages of hardsubs here. Here is a step-by-step guide to generate hardsubbed videos:

  1. In the media editor page, click on the “Hardsub” button.
2. In the Hardsub menu, select a caption language from the dropdown menu then click “Generate” to generate the video.

3. To change the style of the subtitle text, click on the Font Settings and it will open a menu to customize the font styles.

4. Set the desired values for each of the options. The example text at the top is a preview of what the resulting caption will look like and will change its styling to reflect the values input into the options. 

5. When you are satisfied with the values, click “Apply” to save the values. Then select a language from the dropdown menu and click “Generate” to generate the video. The subtitles in the generated video will have the styles you selected. In this example, we choose red and green Christmas colors as a demonstration.

6. The generated videos will be displayed in a list at the bottom of the page.
7. To download the video, click on the language name. To delete, click on the trash can icon at the right-hand side of the download link.
Congratulations, you have successfully generated a hardsubbed video. Here is an example of what the open captions can look like:

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