Free Cloze (Fill-in-the-Blank) Generator

Cloze exercises are a simple, but effective way to help students learn new content. They are also known as fill-in-the-blank or gap-fill exercises. Use this free and simple tool to generate exercises for your teaching needs.

This tool provides a simple 3-step process to generate your exercises.

  1. Submit your content. This could be a video transcript or paragraphs from an essay.
  2. Edit your worksheet. Select which lines from your content you want to use – click the “X” to delete lines. Choose which words you want to “punch out” (replace with blanks) for students to fill in.
  3. Download your assignment. You will get a nicely formatted page you can print out (or save as a PDF) for your students to use.

2 Select words to blank out in your worksheet text and delete unwanted lines.      3 Create worksheet, print, download or save fill-in-the-blank worksheet as pdf

Copy and paste your content below and press “Generate exercises” to get started. Or read more about how to use cloze/fill-in-the-blank exercises (worksheets and activities) in the classroom.

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