Managing the /z shortcut

Q: When I visit my URL’s /z shortcut, it’s pointing to the wrong session. How do I get it to point to the session I want?

A: The /z shortcut is automatically set up to point to the latest session created, but can be manually changed at any time. Once it has been manually changed, it remains pointed to that session until you change it.

To point it to the correct session:

1. Begin at the Sessions homepage and find your session in the list.

Next to the session’s title, there is a small button that says “Mark as current.”

2. Click the button to point the /z shortcut to this session.

3. Visit your URL’s /z shortcut again and confirm it now leads to the session you want.

If you’d like to point the /z shortcut to the latest session, find the most recently created session and click the button so it changes from “Revert shortcut to latest” to “mark as current.”

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