Managing the /z shortcut

Q: When I visit my URL’s /z shortcut, it’s pointing to the wrong session. How do I get it to point to the session I want?

A: Did you know you can share a session-specific URL or QR code with your audience? To learn how to find your session’s shareable link, click here.

The /z shortcut is initially set up to point to the latest session created, but it can be manually changed at any time. Once it has been changed to point to a specific session, it remains pointed there until you change it again.

To point it to the correct session:

1. Begin at the Sessions homepage and find your session in the list.

Next to the session’s title, there is a small button that says “Mark as current.”

2. Click the button to point the /z shortcut to this session.

3. Visit your URL’s /z shortcut again and confirm it now leads to the session you want.

If you’d like to point the /z shortcut to the latest session, find the most recently created session and click the button so it changes from “Revert shortcut to latest” to “mark as current.”

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