Q: The captioner is stuck! What do I do?

A: The captioner can get stuck from time to time due to various factors–audio quality changes, internet connectivity issues, whether it is enabled to listen for speech during a time of music, etc. Keep in mind that the captioner requires good audio and good internet to work. If the captioner is stuck, here are a few things to try to get it going again:

  1. Clear the captioner – Click the ‘Clear’ button to reset the captioner so it starts listening again.
  2. Restart the captioner – Turn off the captioner then turn it back on.
  3. Confirm the audio quality is good – adjust the volume up or down to help the captioner start working again. If the volume is too high, it can cause the audio to clip. If the volume is too low, it may not be able to capture what was said. Click the audio visualizer button to see that audio is detected and the levels are within range. Is there interference or feedback in the audio itself? This can also result in poorer audio and can cause the captioner to get stuck.
  4. Confirm the internet connection is working – if the internet cuts out, the captioner will not be able to function. Confirm that it is working properly.
  5. Refresh the browser – After refreshing the browser, you will have to re-enable captions and auto-translate.

After following the above steps, the captioner should start to work again and capture what is being said. If you continue to experience issues, please let us know.

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