Follow these steps to set up your Kindle Fire tablet for Spanish.

The Kindle Fire (affiliate link) is a wi-fi enabled tablet which you can set up in another language for attendees to check out and receive translation. Here are the setup steps.


1. Open the Settings on Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire - Settings Screenshot


2. Tap on “Keyboard & Language” (under Personal)

3. Tap on “Language”

4. Select “Español”

5. Select your locale in the regional format dropdown

6. Go back a page, returning to the Keyboard & Language screen (now seen in Spanish as “Teclado e idioma”)

7. Tap on “Text-to-Speech”/”Texto a voz”

8. Tap on “Download Additional Voices”/”Descarga más voces”

9. Select the Spanish voices you want to enable (such as Miguel, Enrique, and/or Penelope) and allow the voices to download completely.

10. Go back a screen to “Text-to-Speech”/”Texto a voz”

11. Tap on “Default voices”/”Voz predeterminada”

12. Ensure the default voices are set to your preferred voices

13. Restart the tablet

14. Once the tablet has completed the restart, test output to’s audience view to ensure the device’s reading voice is performing as you expect.

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