With autopilot, spf.io automatically detects for pauses in speech before sending out raw captioning/translation after each pause. However, you may prefer for the text to be sent out sooner and in smaller utterances. Now, you can tune this to your needs with the Autopilot Max Wait Time setting. Here’s how to set that up.

1. In the Operator view, click on the Settings icon (looks like a gear icon).

2. Under Autopilot Max Wait Time, enter the maximum amount of time (in seconds) you want the system to wait before sending out the captions. Note that the number must be greater than zero (if you set it to zero, this defaults to turning off the setting and the system will just wait for a pause in the spoken speech). 

3. Close the modal and then enable Autopilot. Enable the microphone and speak to see the max wait time in action.

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