How to caption or subtitle your Zoom call with

Updated: March 18, 2021

With resiliency in mind, gives you multiple options for ensuring accessibility of your next event: the Audience View, Open Captioning with Overlays, or the Zoom caption API token.

There are some trade-offs to consider. We have created the table below to help users understand the key differences and make an informed decision.

Audience ViewOpen Captions with OverlaysZoom caption API token
No API token requiredxx
Viewer can control displayxx
No extra window requiredxx
Easily viewable when there are multiple speakersxx
Works for non-Zoom video conference callsxx
Supports display of multiple languagesx


The following instructions explain how to integrate specifically with the Zoom caption API token method.

Note: the caption API token method works best with scheduled Zoom meetings, rather than personal meeting room IDs. Caption tokens from personal meeting room IDs do not currently refresh after expiration and may cause issues.

1. Setup your Zoom call and get the captioning link to your call by clicking on “Closed Caption” and then click “Copy the API token”.

If you don’t see this option in your Zoom call, you will need to go into your the Zoom web portal’s account settings and enable closed captioning. You may need to restart the Zoom meeting to see the new menu option.

2. Then create a session and open the Resources panel. Paste the link in the “Endpoints” tab for the language channel you want to display in the call.

Now any captions or document lines you release from will appear as a subtitle in the Zoom call video. Participants must enable “Show subtitle” for it to appear on their device.


Troubleshooting Steps

If you are experiencing problems with captions from not appearing in your Zoom call, please follow the steps below.

Question: My captions stopped appearing!

1. Re-save the caption endpoint in the Session Editor.

2. Get the latest version of the caption API token from Zoom and paste it into the caption endpoints–making sure to save. Zoom caption tokens can expire after a certain period of time.

Question: I want Language X to appear in the captions, but only English is appearing!

1. Double check that the caption token is pasted into the language you wish to display in the call.

2. Confirm that Zoom’s live transcription feature is disabled for your meeting. It must be disabled because Zoom’s closed captions only have space for one language.