How do I connect microphone audio to

Q: How do I connect microphone audio to

A: In order for to generate live captions of your event, you must connect the microphone audio to the computer running Note: we do not recommend using the laptop microphone for a live use case, as it will not capture good sound.

Update as of April 5, 2018Read this post for a more in-depth article discussing equipment and microphone setup.

A common setup is to connect a 3.5 mm male-to-male stereo cable from the soundboard directly to the computer’s microphone input. Work with your venue’s A/V tech team for this connection, your venue may have alternative setups to consider. The important point is to get microphone audio into a 3.5 mm cable to connect into the computer’s microphone input jack.

Image of computer with dedicated microphone jack accepting microphone input for

If your computer does not have a dedicated microphone input jack, you will need a USB converter* to accept microphone audio.

Image showing how to setup computer with USB converter to connect with microphone input


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