This document explains the on-site setup steps you need to take for a remote operator to be able to operate for you during your live event. These instructions apply when you book a remote operator. If this is your first time using a remote operator, we highly recommend testing this setup a day in advance.


Please have this set up at least 30 minutes before your event starts for ample time to troubleshoot in case of issues.


Equipment Needed

  • Computer running Google Chrome
  • Connection with soundboard
  • Reliable Internet (ideally, a wired ethernet connection)



1. Connect computer with internet (ideally, a wired ethernet connection to avoid wi-fi issues)

2. Connect computer with the on-site soundboard so the microphone audio can be streamed. Check if your computer has a separate microphone jack. If it does, work with your A/V tech to get audio from the soundboard to your computer using an RCA to 3.5mm cable. Learn more about setting up with venue audio here

3. In Google Chrome, log into <yoururl> and if you have not already created the session for your event, do so by clicking on “Create Session”

3a. Give a title and enable the languages for the event

3b. Click “Create”

3c. Upload and assign any prepared content you have to the session

4. Navigate to your session by clicking on “Sessions” in the menu on the left. Click on the title of the session you just made.

Screenshot of Sessions list

5. Then click on the “Stream” icon. This will open a new window.

Stream icon in

6. In the bottom of the window, select “Stream”.

Stream is selected in this screenshot

7. Click on “Channel” and select the spoken language of the event (i.e. English). Then click OK.

English is selected in the channel dropdown

8. Then under Caption Settings, in the dropdown select the language to match with the spoken language.

In the streamer, English is selected under Caption Settings

9. Then click “Stream raw captions”

After clicking "Stream raw captions" the button text changes to "Streaming raw captions"

10. Next, click on the microphone icon to begin streaming the event’s spoken audio through

Click on the microphone icon to begin streaming

11. Click on the camera icon in the address bar and confirm that the microphone input that is selected is the one from the venue soundboard. If the incorrect one is selected, click on “Manage” and choose the right input.

Click on the camera icon in the address bar to confirm the right microphone input is selected

12. Now the audio and the raw captions should be streaming through! The remote operator will confirm they are receiving everything/if they experience any issues through the chat window.

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