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Hosting a global virtual event in 11 languages for 143 countries

Sep 5, 2021 | Blog, Education, Stories

Spf.io offers adaptable solutions for T4 Education global virtual events

Teacher-empowerment leaders T4 Education were planning another global virtual event but needed a new approach. They knew serving 45,000 attendees from 143 different countries required a service that could scale flexibly. Furthermore, they were planning both pre-recorded and live content across multiple platforms like Streamyard (affiliate link), YouTube, and Facebook Live.

Clearly, they needed robust, adaptable solutions. So far, they had experimented with other companies’ conferencing options and features like Zoom’s automatic transcription. Unfortunately, those options had captioning and translation limitations which kept T4 Education from their goal to “improve the quality of education everywhere.” They turned to spf.io for solutions.

Reaching worldwide in dozens of languages

As an international community, it was crucial for T4 Education to provide high-quality instruction in listeners’ native languages. They browsed our library of 60+ written languages, considering the specific demographics of their communities. In the end, they chose to make eleven available: English, Arabic, Bengali, French, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, Bahasa Melayu, Serbian, Hindi, and Portuguese.

Using a manuscript approach, volunteers generated and proofread translations for pre-recorded material in spf.io’s Document Editor. By doing this, they ensured high-quality resources for teachers all over the globe.

Online multilingual conference - international viewers

Spf.io tracks the number of users by time of day, which helps prioritize future ad placement. 

Sessions by country indicated a very strong interest from the Philippines even though Tagalog was not in the eleven translations available. It also reveals that the majority of viewers used their mobile phones to receive the translation.

Simultaneous live broadcasts with Streamyard, Youtube, and Facebook Live

For a global virtual event, broadcasting across multiple platforms is a huge benefit. However, achieving captioning consistency using multiple platforms’ different extensions is prohibitive. Furthermore, translation options are often restricted to one language. On the other hand, spf.io offered T4 Education streamlined solutions. Using Cloud Loopback, a custom connection software, we captured comprehensive audio from T4 Education’s Streamyard (affiliate link) studio.

As spf.io quickly processed the input, the audience used our simple browser-based Audience View to see captions and translations. With this feature, we enhanced accessibility for live speakers, spontaneous conversations, and Q&As. These transcripts and SRT files can also be downloaded and distributed later. Clearly, this same educational potential extends easily to public schools and services, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities, and more.

T4 online conference translations - subtitles for StreamYard

T4 Teacher Tech Summit leverages spf.io’s AI capabilities to deliver live translations in 11 languages.

Spf.io’s agility helps make client goals a reality

T4 Education’s event gave spf.io the challenge and opportunity to scale up our potential user capacity. They hosted 45,000 teachers from 143 countries, so they needed a service that could handle that kind of traffic. Using our scalable architecture and rapid customization, spf.io implemented Audience View Scaler. This feature enabled our staff to scale capacity and handle the peak traffic at a moment’s notice.

We were thrilled to see a peak of close to 14,000 simultaneous connections on the day of the event. The value of getting teachers great resources in their native languages cannot be overstated. Global virtual event content like this improves teachers’ skills. Most importantly, aiding teachers in these ways ultimately impacts countless children worldwide.

“I can’t think of a better partner than spf.io for a global event requiring caption and translation in multiple languages and at the right cost” – Vikas Pota, Founder & CEO of T4 Education.

Translation for large international conferences 2

If you’re interested in adding high-quality captioning and translation to your event, please take a moment to tell us about it! Or, if you’re a business that also hosts high-quality global virtual event content, send us a message about a partnership. We know that every virtual event is unique, and we’re committed to helping you find a solution for yours.


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