Add StreamYard closed captioning with spfio

How to caption and translate your livestream with StreamYard and

Jan 5, 2021 | Blog, How-to

It’s easy to add real-time captions to your StreamYard livestreams, recordings, and meetings with This article reviews why offering closed captioning options will increase the reach and value of your livestream content. You’ll also learn how to add captions and subtitles to your stream (note: closed captioning with StreamYard is available only with YouTube as a destination, but open captions are possible for most cases). If you’re already using StreamYard, scroll down to see a captioning tutorial video for StreamYard, using

Add closed captioning or subtitles to your livestream with StreamYard and

StreamYard is a popular livestreaming studio with both free and paid plans that you can use directly in your browser. Many people use it to create simultaneous professional broadcasts on platforms like Youtube and Facebook Live. is an all-in-one translation and accessibility software that helps you add closed captioning and subtitles to your content. can help streamers and event organizers boost their professionalism and increase their reach. It integrates easily with StreamYard and offers multiple ways to display captions for your stream.

Closed captioning with StreamYard and spfio

Why add closed captioning to your livestream?

Reach a larger audience: Many viewers watch videos on silent, so closed captioning helps attract and keep your audience engaged. This flexibility also means that people can watch your stream everywhere, even without headphones. This is especially useful in loud environments, in public places where audio would be disruptive, or in moments when audio technology fails.

Increase understanding: It’s easier to understand content when closed captioning is available. Additionally, people with hearing loss benefit greatly from increased accessibility when you add captions to your livestream. You can also create an environment that is more welcoming to non-native speakers if they have the option to read your content.

Increase watch time: Generally, people continue to watch videos for a longer time if they can read captions. This improves your chances at attracting subscribers to sign up for your stream.

Closed captioning with & StreamYard tutorial offers a few ways to show captions and translations. If you combine these with the options in StreamYard’s livestreaming studio, you’ll find that it’s easy to customize your audience’s experience.

You can see examples of captioning and subtitling options in StreamYard using below:

Add StreamYard closed captioning with spfio
Lower thirds captions - streamyard with spfio
Side by side captioning for streamyard powerpoint slides

You can choose to display your StreamYard closed captions in a separate window, as lower thirds captions, or as overlays on your stream. With, you can autocaption your content live or add your own captions to recorded content before a broadcast.


Translation and subtitles for StreamYard

When you use, you can also make automatic translation available to your audience, with subtitling options for more than 60 languages (over 3600 language pairs!). Reaching a global audience has never been easier – unlike other programs,’s software offers bidirectional language options so you can make sure to support your international audiences at all times. This means that at any time during your livestream, you can switch the source and target language to choose a different captioner. This option is ideal for interviews and Q&A with international guests and multilingual content.

Lower thirds subtitles - streamyard with spfio

StreamYard captions for multiple streams and conferences

StreamYard is useful for multistreaming (going live to multiple platforms). It can also be used to stream conferences, webinars, interviews, and other online events that require open captions. If you are looking for StreamYard captions for multiple speakers, make sure to get in touch to learn how we can make this happen.

Check out the video tutorial below to see in action. When you’re ready, click here to get started!

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