Spf.io Convo Setup Guide

Spf.io Convo helps you bridge language barriers by translating multilingual conversations in real time. Below, you'll find resources to help you get started and troubleshoot any issues you might encounter along the way.
How to set up Convo as a HostHow to use Convo as a Participant

Multilingual Conversation Host’s Guide

  1. Create a Session. Select Enable Multilingual Conversation.
Host create session for multilingual conversation
Host create session for multilingual conversation
2. Select the languages used in the conversation, then click Create New Session.
The host selects language to used in the conversation
The Host press Create Session button to create mConvo session
3. Click Start Conversation.

Start conversation if you're ready

You can copy the conversation link and share it to the participants (You can access this from your desktop or just copy the host link in the URL and open it in your mobile browser or other device)


4. If this is your first time using Convo, make sure you Allow access to the microphone from your device when prompted.
Allow the microphone to access your voice
5. Select your language. This setting is used to caption your speech and translate what other participants say into your selected language.  
Host selects the language for the first time
6. Enter your name and click Submit. This name will be shown as you speak.
7. Select your microphone input. Then click Join now.
Type your name and select the mic you want to use
8. Go back to the session and click Copy Participant Link and send it to your participants.
Copy link conversation to participants
9. You will begin in a silenced mode. Click on the Un-silence button. You can start talking and see captions immediately.

10. To see all participants, click the Participant List button.

The host talk to the participant
11. To allow one or more participants to talk, click Allow next to the participant’s name. You can also invite participants to talk by clicking Ask to talk next to their name.
12. You can also stop all captions and translations for everyone in the conversation by clicking Silence All.
Allow participant request to speak or invite participant to speak
13. Click Done to deactivate the participant who is talking now.
The participant gonna drop off from talking by clicking Done
14. Once the conversation is done click End then End now.
After host clicks the end button

15. You also can save your conversation by following steps bellow.

How to save your convo-Step 1
How to save your convo-Step 2
How to save your convo-Step 3
How to save your convo-Step 4

Multilingual Conversation Participant’s Guide

1. Click the link given to you.
2. If this is your first time, click Allow to give Convo access to the microphone from your device when prompted. 
Participant allow the microphone permission
3. Select the language that you want to use in the conversation. 
Participant select language input
4. Type your name. Select your microphone input. Then click Join now.
Participant type the name and select the mic that want to use
5. Raise your hand if you want to talk. The Host also can ask you to talk.
Participants raise their hand to ask the host for permission if they want to talk.
6. You will see the Talk icon when you are permitted to talk or accept the host’s invitation to talk.
Participant can start talking
7. You can talk or silence yourself by clicking the Talk icon.
Participant is talking in multilingual conversation right now
8. The Talk icon will change to a Raise Hand when the host marks you as done talking. This means your speech is no longer being captioned or translated.
Participant is no longer can speak in the conversation


Pick a good environment

Choose a quiet place to minimize other unwanted sounds when you speak.

Use noise reduction to help the captioner pick up only your voice

If you are in a noisy place and the captioner is captioning sound other than your voice, you can adjust the Reduce Noise setting so that it captions only your voice and ignores the noise.

Use headset for better speak and translation experience.

Improve your voice input during convo for more accurate translation by using headset.

Host FAQ

How do I manage the shortcut to join a convo?
  1. The /z shortcut looks like <yourportal>.spf.io/z and is by default set up to point to the latest session created, but it can be manually changed to point to a specific session at any time. Once it has been changed to point to a specific session, it remains pointed there until you change it again. To point it to the correct session:How to pin the session to point URL convo /z
  2. Click the pin button to point the /z shortcut to this session. It will be highlighted in green to indicate the /z shortcut is pointing to the session. Click the pin button twice to set the /z shortcut to return to the default setting (it will be highlighted in blue) and always point to the latest session created.

3. Visit your URL’s /z shortcut again and confirm it now leads to the session you want.

Why does my microphone not work?
You may have missed a pop-up when spf.io asked for access to your microphone. You can go to your browser settings and then allow spf.io to access your microphone.

You can also change which microphone is being used by Spf.io Convo by clicking on the menu in the app and changing the microphone input under Microphone Settings.

How to start / end a Convo
Click Start on the session page, complete the setup, then click Join.

When you are done using Convo, you can finish it by clicking End in the upper right corner of the participant’s list page. 

How to invite/un-invite people to talk?
You can invite people to talk by clicking Ask to talk next to the participant’s name and then click Done when you need to disallow the participant from speaking.
What if my browser crashes or is stuck?
If you are stuck on a loading page refresh the page or close the tab. Then you can go back to the spf.io Convo URL to rejoin the Convo.

Participant FAQ

Why can’t I join the meeting?
If you see the waiting screen; the host has not start the Convo yet. Please wait.

The waiting room of spf.io Convo

How do I change my microphone?
Go to the hamburger menu, go to the microphone setting, and choose the microphone you need to use
How do I change my language?
You can select a language from the top of the screen, or go to the hamburger menu and then select the language you need.

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