How to use Cloud Text-to-Speech in your session

Follow the steps below to use this feature:

1️⃣ How to set up Cloud TTS for your session.

2️⃣ How the audience enables Cloud TTS.

Cloud Text-to-Speech (TTS) enables audiences to listen to translations in their language. Before this feature existed, could read translation aloud using your phone’s built-in voiceover capabilities. However, this resulted in inconsistent experiences since every person’s device supports different voices for different languages with varying quality. Cloud TTS in contrast, produces higher-quality voices that are consistent across all devices. People love listening to a high quality voice in their language.

How to setup Cloud Text-to-Speech for your session

Step 1. Go to your session, select Options, and switch on the Enable Cloud TTS toggle.
Go to your session, select Options, and switch on the Enable Cloud TTS toggle.

Step 2. Select the target languages and voice gender (male or female).

Enable languages & gender voice for cloud TTS

🎉Share your session URL or QR code with your audience. Now, your audience can use this feature through the audience view. Don’t forget to ask your audience to bring their own headsets or you can provide them yourself.

How the audience enables Cloud Text-to-Speech

Click the TTS button while waiting for the event to begin, or click the TTS button at the top of the page once the event has started.
Step 1. click the TTS button
🎉 The audience can now listen to the translation, switch the language, or turn off the feature by clicking the TTS button again.

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